Driven Pile Reaction Frame

Date: Thursday, 28 Sep 2017

DTEI | 2010

Technical Challenges: Due to the large amount of heavy welding, distortion control and weld related cracking were always going to be a concern. Our great production staff were able to sequence welds and use other sound distortion control techniques to avoid any of these potential issues.

Coating Details: for a large and somewhat awkward frames these components were catered for in our blast and paint facility with ease, resulting in an impressive coating finish for such a striking colour.

Successful Outcomes: Being a 1,200 tonne reaction frame this unit needed to be manufactured with the utmost focus on its structural integrity. DTEI’s cooperation and support enabled us to completely satisfy the structural requirements as well as some good fabrication efficiencies that saw this interesting project become a complete success, especially from the stakeholders perspective.

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