April Celebration Hour News

Date: Friday, 5 May 2017


  • We welcome a handful of new staff; Paul Doddril, Jarrad Woodward, Kira Vyden, Chris Davis & Stuart Pope, Ben Lawlor and George Woods (from League Engineering Services)
  • Last months BEERS celebration at Eat House – Murray Bridge – lots of fun had by all.
  • Jeremy’s TEC visited Kelly Engineering at Boolaroo Centre, lots of great Lean initiatives to be appreciated.
  • Great to hear Dion’s lad Aiden is doing well with footy – RMFL + Indigenous Team selection
  • Again thank you to everyone who is putting in extra overtime hours – much appreciated
  • Joel Webster & Sebastian Roach attended Boweng for work experience
  • Cert II Engineering Students from Unity College visited
  • Performance Appraisals with new consultant, Darryl Webb underway
  • Michelle, Rhino, Geoff– managed to fit in some leave
  • We have unofficially been granted CC3 certification to the all-new NSSCS. This will make us one of a few in Australia (and the first in SA) to achieve this milestone. I believe that this will open many new doors, in the near future, with important infrastructure projects.
  • 3 day ISO Quality safety and Environment audit is complete, 11 discrepancies in total, we are told that most other companies have 25+ during this audit.
  • The main auditor from TQCSI mentioned that he handles 65 other companies and he thought that Boweng is top 3, this is in relation to the commitment, accuracy, and maturity of our quality system.
  • This is a significant statement as the comparison is against any business segment, inc food, manufacturing and other highly regulated areas of industry.
  • It is also not specific to our size and may include larger organisations with more resources.
  • So well done to you all for helping develop the systems and consistently using them to achieving these awesome results.
  • Jodie has had a challenging few days to satisfy the 4 days of audit, but the systems are nothing without everyone bringing them to life and making them real, so well done!
  • Tom’s dad;
  • It was my privilege to attend Frank Dennis’ funeral yesterday, thank you to Ian for leading the way in supporting Tom and his family by going along and letting me know the way to the beautiful family farm near Mt Pleasant.
  • Also to Jodie and Michelle for supporting my decision to go along and Steve Hill for offering Tom some assistance out of hours for any farm related jobs that the family may have needed help with. It is obviously an incredibly difficult, to say goodbye to someone, especially your own father, Tom I am truly sorry for your loss.
  • Can we have a “cheers” to Tom in memory of his hardworking and colourful Dad Frank.
  • It is my firm belief that the kinds of behaviours by fellow teammates as I’ve just mentioned work to build a special kind of bond amongst teams and team members. By supporting each other through thick and thin we will build each person’s sense of value and of belonging to the Boweng Family.
  • It is important to the Hawkes family and our values that you all feel like family members, supported, cared for and loved, but also this relationship comes with a level of accountability where each member has to pull their own weight. If we can continue to build this kind of close knit high performing team we will all experience what it is like to be a part of something quite special and rare, one of the best feelings I know is when a champion team is working at its best overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.
  • It is my passion to build a Boweng Family that constantly displays these characteristics, as you can imagine it’s not easy to achieve and therefore it’s not common, it takes incredible commitment, understanding, continuous improvement and a clear common purpose to even get close.
  • We have a massive challenge ahead of us to deliver all this exciting work in time, but I have faith that we have the capable team that can deliver in style.



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