Mannum Wharf

We designed & costructed the floating wharf to be suitable for rowing and the general public

Mannum Wharf 2019-10-18T12:34:53+10:30

SA Water Valve Pit Access

A small modular design that could be adapted to the various chamber layouts was utilised to simplify fabrication and erection

SA Water Valve Pit Access 2017-11-22T22:09:50+10:30

Lock & Weir package 2, 4, 5, 6

Removable decks units involving complex surface treatment techniques on a submerged fabrication application.

Lock & Weir package 2, 4, 5, 6 2017-12-07T16:56:12+10:30

Ferry Landings

Conversion of old imperial, outdated design into a new streamlined design reflective of available modern technologies and processes.

Ferry Landings 2017-12-07T16:58:36+10:30

Lock 15 Lock & Weir

Boweng together with our client McDowell have been able to design and build very effective solutions to complex temporary works such as cofferdams and a floating installation jig for the very long and slender apron straps.

Lock 15 Lock & Weir 2017-12-07T16:59:30+10:30